Bridge Day Services

The Bridge Day Services in Harrow supports people with enduring mental health problems to build sustainable coping strategies, break social isolation, and promote social inclusion through meaningful activities that build networks and training that may lead to employment.

In November 2018, nine Harrovians visited the centre to work in the garden and paint some of the rooms. After their visit, Lesley McGinty, Business Development Manager at The Bridge, wrote the following: “Despite it being a bleak November day, [the boys] were still keen to get out into the garden as well as doing the indoor painting work…They threw themselves into the tasks at hand (painting two offices and clearing a massively overgrown garden) with cheerful enthusiasm. They listened carefully to all instructions given and have to be commended on their responsible attitude to the tasks we asked them to do…They were not afraid to, quite literally, get their hands dirty and despite only being here for two hours, managed to achieve a great deal…I hope doing volunteer work has given them a sense of pride and achievement in helping their local community and they should know that their efforts will make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of our service users.”

The boys look forward to doing more work at the centre in future.