Pivotal to John Lyon’s Charity’s grant-making ethos, Education & Learning is the second largest area of the Charity’s expenditure, accounting for more than £19 million in grants since 1991. Projects and organisations supported under this Programme Area help children and young people unlock and achieve their full potential. within this remit are projects that access the curriculum and educational opportunities, support those who are at risk of exclusion or not in education and encourage students to push their aspiration and abilities further still.

Recognising that children from more disadvantaged families are often less able to access reading materials and develop a love of reading, Doorstep Library Network was founded. Its network of enthusiastic volunteers brings the library to the children. Volunteers read with children at home each week, lending books and in doing so, instill a love of reading while providing regular access to high quality literature. Originally focused on just one estate, with the Charity’s support Doorstep Library Network has expanded to work on five estates in Hammersmith & Fulham and a further three in Westminster, all of which have been ranked within the top 5% nationally for child poverty levels.


In the years that John Lyon’s Charity have funded us we have grown from a small, local charity, visiting just 20 children, to a growing children’s literacy charity that has now supported over 1,000 children to develop a love of reading. This continued support has enabled Doorstep Library Network to develop its model and opened up new avenues of funding by demonstrating to new funders the impact and value of the project on local communities.

– Kirsty Allen, Marketing and Communications Manager, Doorstep Library Network


Since 2007, John Lyons’ Charity has granted a total of £124,500 to Doorstep Library Network.  You can find out more about the Charity’s Education & Learning Programme Area on our website.